We are so proud of all our players who gave their best at their high school tryouts over the past few weeks. Here is an update on where a few of our players landed.  Congrats all!  We hope to see you on the courts very soon!

* The following list will be adjusted as soon as an update becomes available. 

Oakdale High School
  • Marybeth Cyr, Varsity
  • Alexandra Thayer, Junior Varsity
Glenelg High School
  • Gracen Alsheimer, Varsity
  • Julia Hall, Varsity

Northwest High School

  • Hana Rim, Varsity
Montgomery Blair High School
  • Emma Weinstein, Varsity

Marriotts Ridge High School

  • Jenny Song, Varsity

Winston Churchill High School

  • Stephanie Wang, Junior Varsity
  • Serena Shi, Junior Varsity
  • Ava Sung, Junior Varsity

Richard Montgomery High School

  • Christine Kim, Junior Varsity

Urbana High School

  • Audrey Kilgore, Junior Varsity

Centennial High School

  • Krystal Wu, Freshman