East Coast Elite Volleyball had a great start to the season at the 2018 MLK Kickoff Classic in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. ECE sent our 14 Hurricanse, 15 Storm, 16 Cyclones, 17 Tsunami and 18 Typhoon teams to compete in either American or National Division in each their age group. Four teams finished in the Gold Bracket and one in the Silver Bracket. All teams performed very well in their divisions!

  • 14 Hurricanes: placed 2nd our of 43 teams in the 14 American Division.
  • 15 Storm: placed 3rd out of 54 teams in the 15 American Division.
  • 16 Cyclones: placed 9th out of 58 teams in the 16 American Division.
  • 17 Tsunami: placed 17th out of 44 teams in the 17 American Division.
  • 18 Typhoons: placed 5th out of 32 teams in the 18 National Division.

Good jobs and great team work, girls! Congratulations!!

WHO ARE WE? E C E !!!!