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Joy has a long and prestigious history in women’s volleyball.  Nicknamed “The Tienanmen Wall” after the stone gate that separates the Imperial City from the Forbidden City in Peking, Joy established herself as an intimidating blocker when the Chinese emerged as the world’s preeminent women’s volleyball team in the 1980s. During that time, Joy served as a starting middle on the Chinese teams that won the World Cup Tournament in 1981 and the World Championship in 1982.

Her career on the Chinese women’s national team culminated in a gold medal victory at the 1984 Olympic games. After retiring from professional volleyball, Joy went on to serve as the Volleyball Program Director in China. Since relocating to the United States in 1994, Joy has coached various levels of volleyball players, including NCAA Division I teams and elite juniors programs in DC and Maryland.  Joy’s philosophy of coaching centers on teamwork, advanced skills training, and providing a challenging training environment.