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Elite Teams


ECE remains committed to its philosophy of entering more tournaments and participating in a greater variety of tournaments than the majority of other clubs in our region. Historically, our teams have attended 10-12 in-season tournaments, which included at least 3 multi-day, out-of-state tournaments. This year, the 17s team finished the season with a trip to AAU Nationals in Orlando, FL.

ECE teams participated in AAU tournaments, CHRVA tournaments, Keystone Region tournaments, USAV National qualifier tournaments, and JVA tournaments. We feel that the best practice is spent on the court engaged in game play with a variety of opponents.

Our club does not require players to stay together in the same hotel rooms, or even to stay in the same hotel.* This saves families significant money compared to other clubs because parents are not required to pay for their daughter’s travel expenses in addition to their own.

*However, please note that for some multi-day tournaments and USAV Nationals, all families are required to stay in the same hotel, per tournament policy.   

We do not require any of our teams to do fundraising, however, unanimous teams, and/or groups of players, and/or individuals may choose to do fundraising if they prefer!

Here is a breakdown of the benefits for your club fees over the 2017-2018 season:

  •  Guaranteed entry to a minimum of 10 tournaments, at least 3 of which are multi-day
  • Guaranteed 100 hours (minimum) of practice in the gym, practicing two times per week for elite teams from the months of November through May
  • Guaranteed elite-level instruction by the best coaches in the region. Your fees cover their travel expenses, modest coaching stipends, and coach uniform expenses.
  • Maintenance of team equipment, to include balls, bags, carts, first aid equipment, water bottles, and training devices
  • Team administrative fees, AAU and CHRVA dues for coaches and team representatives, website maintenance, etc.
  • Practice t-shirt

What your club fees will not include this season:

  • Uniform costs: each player will be required to purchase 3 uniform jerseys from our uniform supplier. Each player will also be required to own black spandex, kneepads, and volleyball shoes.
  • Travel expenses for players and parents
  • Gym rental for the month of June if a team qualifies for Nationals.


What you will pay ECE directly:  

Club Fees for 2017-2018 season:

  • 14, 15, 16, 17 Elite players: $2150
  • 18 Elite players: $1950 (due to a shorter season)
  • Additionally, we are seeking up to 2 reserve elite players per team.  Reserve elite players will attend practices and receive the same training as our other elite players, but they will not typically attend tournaments (they may be asked to attend a tournament as a sub). This is a wonderful option for dual-sport athletes or for players hoping to just keep their volleyball skills fresh throughout the year.  If you would like to be considered for this role, please let us know on your tryout form.
  • 14, 15, 16, 17 Elite practice players: $1075 (plus optional jersey fee)
  • 18 Elite practice players: $975 (plus optional jersey fee)

***Fees to be paid in 4 equal installments.  All checks will collected at signing and post-dated according to the installment schedule.
Installment dates include: 1) at signing, 2) December 15, 3) January 15, and 4) February 15.

Cost of 3 jerseys for elite players in 2017-2018 season:

  • Approximately $220: due near the end of November

What you will pay on your own: 

Each elite player is responsible for her own travel expenses (regular season)

  • Expect approximately $1300 over the season for each family driving one car and renting one hotel room

Each elite player’s estimated expenses if team qualifies for Nationals (post-season)

  • Approximately $80 per player for gym rental
  • Approximatley $1000 for one plane ticket and one hotel room

Each elite practice player’s expenses if player plays in a tournament for 2017-2018 season: 

  • $60 per local tournament
  • $120 per travel tournament

 TOTAL Maximum expected cost of the season per player/family: $4800  

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