2019-2020 Club Fees


Travel volleyball is a significant investment of time and financial resources. Before committing to a club, we recommend that parents and players educate themselves on the expenses they can expect to encounter during the club season. Most volleyball clubs are nonprofit entities, meaning no one should be getting rich off of their families. But club fees are still widely variable, depending on a variety of factors.

All clubs have to pay for gym rental, equipment expenses, and administrative fees, though these costs can very significantly, depending on how much the club must pay the facility for rent. Most clubs must pay their coaches in efforts to retain the highest quality of instruction for their players. Some clubs do fundraising, which may decrease the fees, but increases the time commitments expected of parents and players. Some clubs include uniforms in their club dues, while some do not. Sometimes the club requires travel expenses in their dues, but only the athlete’s expenses are covered, which means all the players are required to stay in the hotel room with their teammates, and parents who travel along must reserve separate rooms. Some clubs start their season earlier or go later into the year, and thus clubs vary in the number and type of tournaments (local versus travel) and the practice hours they guarantee to their players.

It is important to understand what all these variables mean to your family’s budget to avoid unexpected surprises halfway into the season and truly understand how your money is being spent. It can be hard to navigate sometimes, but worth the time for peace of mind when debating among your club choices.

Fees for our Elite Teams for 2019-2020:

13s, 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s Elite Team: $2200 per player + ECE uniform fees (required)

14s, 15s, 16s, 17s Elite Team Practice players: (up to two reserve elite players per team) $1100 per player +  jersey fee (optional)

General information about what fees cover for 2019-2020 season can be found HERE.

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