STEP1: About CHRVA Membership

Q1: How to Register CHRVA membership?

Register here

Q2: What is CHRVA membership?

Rules of USA Volleyball require that all players must be members of USA Volleyball in CHRVA region in order to participate in volleyball tryouts. Information about USA Volleyball CHRVA membership can be found here or visit for more details.

Q3: Can the player register CHRVA membership after ECE’s tryouts or after making a team?

No. Players must be members of USA Volleyball in CHRVA region before participating CE’s tryouts with no exception. Players can not participate tryouts without the proof of a valid and active 2018-2019 CHRVA membership.

Q4: Should I register “Full Season Membership $50” or “One event membership $20”? 

Before tryouts, players are required to apply for either the “Full membership” or “One Event membership“. If using the “One Event membership”, after making a team, the remaining cost of a full membership can be paid before a player begins practice. Players that select “full membership” but don’t make a team will not be able to receive a refund from CHRVA nor ECE.

Q5: Which Club should I indicate in the CHRVA Membership form?

Indicate the club as “Undecided” when initially registering for CHRVA membership. Once a player obtains an offer to play for a team, and accepts the offer; the player or the player’s agent/parents/guardians must go back into the CHRVA online registration system and select the signing club, ex: ECE.

Q6: In addition to CHRVA Membership, are any other documents required for players?

After making a team, Coaches will be required to collect and keep copies of player’s birth certificate and a USAV
Medical Release Form, in addition to a valid and active CHRVA Membership card for 2018-2019 season . Coach must have all these documents with them at all practices and tournaments to fulfill the requirement to prove age

Q7: Who should I contact for questions/comments/concern about CHRVA Membership?

Contact CHRVA via here.

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