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2017 High School Teams

2017 High School Teams:

We are so proud of all our players who gave their best at their high school tryouts over the past few weeks. Here is an update on where a few of our players landed.  Congrats all!  We hope to see you on the courts!

Oakdale High School
  • Megan Ray, Varsity
  • Amani Walker, Varsity
  • Emily Carbaugh, Varsity
  • Emily Chomiak, Varsity
  • Jennifer Chomiak, Varsity
  • Marybeth Cyr, Varsity
  • Alyssa Bennett, Varsity
  • Kymaira Grazckowsi, Junior Varsity
Brunswick High School
  • Hannah Buhr, Varsity
  • Colleen Geary, Varsity
Middletown High School
  • Erin O’Connor, Varsity
  • Megan Gilbart, Junior Varsity
Wootton High School
  • Stephanie Geng, Varsity
Linganore High School
  • Hayley Cook, Varsity
Glenelg High School
  • Colleen McAulay, Varsity
  • Gloria McComas, Varsity
  • Aly Clark, Varsity
  • Darcy Bishop, Varsity
  • Sarah Santiago, Varsity
Montgomery Blair High School
  • Tiffany Mao, Varsity
  • Ariel Zhang, Varsity
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