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2016-2017 General Information

Who are we?

East Coast Elite is a competitive volleyball club for girls in Frederick, Carroll, Montgomery, and Howard counties. We offer elite-level training by the best coaches in the CHRVA region, combined with a family-like atmosphere where the individual needs and goals of each player are our top priority.

How many elite teams will we have?

For 2016-2017, we are hosting a 15s, 16s, and two 17s elite.

What do we offer for our elite teams?

Our elite teams will generally practice two to three times a week (approximately 5-6 hours/wk), with the exception of tournament weekends. Elite teams will participate in 2-3 tournaments a month from January through the end of May. Elite teams travel to some of the largest volleyball tournaments in the country. Elite players have high expectations placed on them, in terms of the financial and time commitments they owe to the club and in terms of the positive personal character traits expected from them.

Do we have practice teams or taxi positions?

This year, we are seeking up to 2 reserve elite players per team.  Fees for reserve elite players are approximately half the price of the fees for our other elite players.  Reserve elite players will attend practices and receive the same training as our other elite players, but they will not typically attend tournaments (they may be asked to attend a tournament as a sub). This is a wonderful option for dual-sport athletes or for players hoping to just keep their volleyball skills fresh throughout the year.  If you would like to be considered for this role, please let us know on your tryout form.

Additionally, we will be hosting one Practice Team.  Our practice team will be made up of 12 players who will meet for 2 hours of practice per week. Coaches will seek to build a team that is as competitive as possible, but players of all ages are encouraged to attend tryouts for the practice team. All practice players will participate in the same type of competitive drills as our elite teams, but there are no additional time commitments for tournaments. This is a great way to keep your volleyball skills up throughout the year and still do other activities!

Where do we practice?

How much does it cost? 

Please see our Fees Page for more about club fees.



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