Thursday, June 26

We are so proud of our inaugural teams for great finishes in our very first season. Both team rosters were stacked with young players, and we experienced several injuries throughout the season, but our athletes pushed hard and gave it their best on the court. Here are our final regional rankings. Great job, ladies!

16s CYCLONES placed 15th overall in the CHRVA region.

15s VORTEX placed 30th overall in the CHRVA region.

Saturday, June 7

Happy Volley Proves to be a Happy Experience for ECE Players

On Memorial Weekend, our two teams traveled to Penn State for the 2014 Happy Volley Championships.

15s VORTEX was dubbed by one parent after the tournament as “The Little Team that Could.” After a series of injuries throughout the season, ECE 15s traveled to State College with only 7 players, several of which were not 100% healthy going into the weekend. Everyone agreed up front that the goal was for the players to just to have fun and experience some great volleyball for their final tournament of the season.  But the 15s team ended up doing far more than that. After two drawn-out days of pool play, some phenominal comebacks, and true displays of heart and strength, Vortex ended up in the gold bracket in the Club Division on the final day of the tournament.  After losing a tough first round match on Sunday, Vortex earned themselves a 5th place finish out of 76 teams. Our club is so proud of all the 15s Vortex players, who showed tremendous growth over the weekend and the entire season.

16s CYCLONES had a tough first day of pool play in the 16s Open Division, facing the number one seed their first match and ending up going 1-1 in their remaining matches. The Cyclones rallied back with spirit and strong teamwork on Saturday, winning all three of their matches, but the team unfortunately lost their first match of the Bronze medal bracket on Sunday, landing them a 21st place finish. Lisette Garcia led the team in serving percentage, Maryellyn Musselman led in killing percentage, and Emily Halstead put up great digging numbers for the weekend. The Cyclones will now focus on training for USA Nationals.

Monday, May 19

ECE 15s VORTEX Dig Pink on Saturday

15s VORTEX had a great showing at their latest tournament, Dig Pink sponsored by NVVA. The team traveled with 8 players but unfortunately sustained 3 injuries/illnesses by the end of the day. Regardless, every player stepped up, played with a lot of heart, and performed very well. The team ended up seeded second in the gold bracket and finishing third overall.

Setter Taryn Aylward led the team to a 4-0 victory during pool play, and gave it her all later in the day, despite not feeling well. Maggie Lin played with courage in the back row, though she was sidelined by an ankle injury that worsened as the day went on. Emily Chi made a strong contribution in the middle, with several great offensive plays. Clare Campbell’s hitting strength and accuracy was excellent throughout the day. Kara Crawford was a strong contributor to the team and showed great all around volleyball skills and flexibility as she played DS, setter, middle, and right side. Alex Wood, too, showed great strength and versatility as she played DS, setter, and outside hitter. Hailey Kirkendall had a great debut in the front row and had some great hits on the outside. Special thanks to Michelle Tai from the 16s team who stepped up to help out our team as libero until she unofrtunately sustained an ankle injury in the 3rd game.

The 15s team also would like to extend a huge thanks to Bob Aylward who stepped in to coach the girls for the day. He led the girls to success, provided helpful tips on game strategy— especially given the changing health (and lineups) of the team– and was a positive, supportive, and motivating influence. Overall, the players felt they had a great day.

Monday, May 5
ECE Kicks Off May with a Gold Medal

16s CYCLONES took the gold medal at the CVC Invitational at the Volleyball House on May 3. Emily Halstead had a phenomenal hitting day, with 34 kills and a hitting average of 0.426. Maryellyn Musselman led the team in blocks, and Mary Hou kept the offense going strong with 96 assists. Libero Hannah Laughter led the team in digs and passing, complimented by outstanding defensive play from the entire back row all day.

15s VORTEX spent last Saturday at AAU Regionals for the Commonwealth Region in Sterling, VA.  Vortex coaches were impressed with the level of hustle and positive attitude exuded on the court, despite the team missing several players due to injury. All the players made positive contributions, and the team ended up winning one of their matches in a tough pool.

Wednesday, April 16

Northeast Qualifer

ECE 15-VORTEX went 3-4 for the weekend, earning second place in the Silver Bracket, and finishing 7th out of 13 teams in the 15s SELECT DIVISION.

ECE 16-VORTEX  went 4-4, winning their final bracket and finishing 49th out of 61 teams in the USA DIVISION.
Monday, March 24
ECE 15s VORTEX: 2nd in Silver Bracket at MVSA 15 Invitational
ECE 15s VORTEX spent Saturday, March 22, in Boyds, MD for the MVSA 15s Invitational. The team had a lot of high points throughout the day and ended up with a 2nd place finish in the silver bracket. The coaches were proud of all the playeres and were especially impressed with Zoe Kreisel who filled in as setter for the day.

Monday, March 17
Sunday Tournament Results

15s Vortex Celebrating the Point

15s VORTEX ended up winning 3 of their sets on Sunday in a challenging pool at the Velocity 15 OPEN Invitational. The coaches were impressed with the solid improvement the team continues to make as the season progresses.

16s CYCLONES took second place at the NVVA 16s Ides of March tournament. The team won all but their final match, which was a close 3-set final against Braddock Road. The team had solid serving, with 271 serves and only 9 errors for the entire day (96.7%). Claire Coupard led the team in hitting with 23 kills (0.224). Savannah Miller, Maryellyn Musselman, and Mary Hou drove the offense, each of them ending up with 7 blocks for the day.

16s Cyclones Earn Silver Medals

Monday, March 10
17/18 Carroll Viper Invitational

Cyclones Defense Was Strong All Day

16s CYCLONES took part in the 17/18s Carroll Viper Invitational over the weekend.  As the youngest team in the tournament, the Cyclones were provided with good challenges throughout the day, and they played with great intensity and heart and ended up winning 2 of their sets.

Claire Coupard led the team in hitting and blocking, putting up an impressive hitting average of 0.444. Eleanor Saylor had a strong hitting day as well and led the team in serving. Mary Hou drove the offense and was instrumental on defense as well, with 3 blocks and 22 digs for the day. Michelle Tai filled in as libero, and consistently put up impressive digging and passing stats for the day.

Monday, February 17
Capitol Classic a Great Learning Experience for ECE teams

15s VORTEX had a great weekend overall, and ended up with 3 wins and 4 losses in a tough open division. Vortex coaches felt that Alex Wood,Taryn Alyward, and Lauren Prinn all played very well.

16s CYCLONES struggled through player injuries and illnesses all weekend, coming close to winning in several 3-set matches, but unable to pull through. Maryellyn Musselman led the team in hitting and blocking, and Hannah Laughter led the team in defense. The Cyclones are now 22-8 for the season, and coaches are looking forward to having the full team healthy for future tournaments.

Monday, February 10
ECE Builds Confidence at NVVA

Claire Coupard putting up a strong block for the 16s

15s VORTEX, one of only two 15s teams in the 17U tournament, ended the day 2-2 after besting Washington Juniors Volleyball Club 17s Team in both the pool and playoff games. Taryn Alyward (5 aces, 98% serving, 40 assists) had an outstanding day, with the help of Zoe Kreisel, Emily Chi, and Brooke Fowlkes leading the offense.

16s CYCLONES took gold, once again going undefeated for the tournament. Eleanor Saylor put up strong hitting numbers, with Michelle Tai filling in for libero and Mary Hou driving the offense with outstanding setting. Joyce Zhang and Lisette Garcia stepped in for an injured teammate, and everyone on the team was instrumental in leading the charge to another victory! The Cyclones are now 22-2 for the season.

Monday, January 27
Blizzard Blast at Virginia Beach

Both our 15 and 16 teams traveled to Virginia Beach this weekend where they faced their toughest competition yet.

15s VORTEX had some great highs during the tournament and ended up placing 9th.

16s CYCLONES tied for 3rd after a tough 3-set loss in the semi-final against Richmond Volleyball Club 16 Nationals. This marks the second loss for the CYCLONES this season, bringing their overall record to 18-2.

15s Vortex in for the Huddle

Monday, January 20
ECE Has a Great Weekend at Virginia Tech!

15s VORTEX tied for 4th at Virgina Tech’s Maroon and Orange Classic over MLK weekend. The team fought hard through a tough schedule. Alex Wood had a great weekend serving and passing and Taylor Fowlkes led the Vortex attack with 26 kills.

16s CYCLONES placed 2nd in the 16s division after a tough 3-match final with River Valley Juniors. Claire Coupard led the team in hitting with a 0.243 hitting percentage and 33 kills, followed by libero Hannah Laughter, who had 19 kills over the weekend and a hitting average of (0.216). Rachel Keffer had a great tournament, with a digging percentage of 0.689 (38 digs, 7 errors), and Michelle Tai consistently kept the ball in play, including during some very criticial times, with her 95% serving rate.

16s Cyclones Place Second at VA Tech

Monday, January 13
ECE 16s Take Gold At NVVA; 15s Make a Strong Showing as Well

Our club’s inaugural entry to an AAU tournament at the NVVA facility in Sterling, VA was a great experience for players and coaches, and ECE came out strong!

16s CYCLONES went undefeated on Sunday, besting Coastal Juniors in an exciting Gold match. Outside hitter Emily Halstead led the team in blocks and kills, with a solid hitting average of 0.243. Teammates Claire Coupard, Eleanor Saylor, and Olivia Fortson put up impressive hitting numbers as well. Setter Mary Hou led the team with 45 assists, and libero Hannah Laughter led in defense, averaging over 5 digs per set.

15s VORTEX took on two 16s teams and one 15s team in pool play and put up a strong fight in every match, earning a win in 3 of their 6 sets and narrowly missing the playoffs. Taryn Aylward played very well as a setter, Claire Campbell and Alex Wood solidified the team’s passing, and Kara Crawford put up a strong contribution both from her middle hitter position and from the service line.